• مجموعة آفاق للاستثمارات العامة

    our EMINENCE …for their PROMINENCE

    Sheikha Latifa M.B.M. espoused to H.H. Sheikh Hasher A.J. Al Maktoum, Board Chair, AFAQ

  • Populations ever-verge on majestic horizons. How can we pull the coming paradigm forward?


    by seeing new alternative VISTAS . . .

    FOR FRONTIERS AFAR, relying on parametered investment theses, JV-or-distributor-based expansion, and DIY-diplomacy is so last-century.

    Few observe that — as future-friendly cities bloom and the crowd has tools of creation — lines between real and conceptual assets are blurring. Trade is changing, responsibly & responsively. Unlike aging heavy holdcos, the lean AFAQ, est. 2014, custodies its diplomatic PEP's personal estate and also lends a set of infrastructured General-Purpose Vehicles (GPVs), reinventing ways of strategic commerce .


    Fronted by venerable Kufalaa’, AFAQ uniquely extends syndicated wealth, patronage, protocol, controlled-activity licenses, security and customs clearances, permit mediation, IP placeholding, policymaker access, logistics, and coveted land for select financiers, charities, corporates, and late-stage upstarts whose products, projects, or platforms are key to evolving our modern collective... easing a more welcoming, sustainable operating environment and origination to fellow enterprising families, holding firms, and states vested in them .

    . . . together we edge on new PERSPECTIVES

    Challenges to the free flow of capital between capitals, goods for good, and value with values exist. With a benevolent outlook decades further than present markets, yet climbing grounded in the certainty of now, we exist because these barriers are often perilously obscured before investment in a new vicinity is made. The cultured lens of a long-term stakeholder is needed… one immersed in local government affairs and emerging macro trends .


    From our unique vantage, the presence of AFAQ’s personages does occasionally beckon quaestus-grata regard, but there is no privileged influence other than your ability to meritably serve those who matter: individual progenitors of societal progress and the illustriously-committeed institutions backing them, So, reality check: there is no magic wand we wave… only you can run your purpose-driven business .


    Upholding authentic principles, we foremost factor reputational risk, confidentially aligning only with mutually discerning partners who exude ethics in practice .



    2019 - Unilateral foreign Korean investment proxying

    2018 - Onshore B2G/B/C for EU Nasdaq-listed firm

    2017 - Released green municipal compliance tool

    2016 - Averted Africa shale fracking via LNG supply
    2015 - Vested US-MENA medical R&D funding

    2014 - Opened 1st DED-approved UAE incubator



    01/19 - Focus Group at UAE Public Policy Forum

    12/18 - UAE - Patronage of CampdenWealth FE&I

    10/18 - KSA - Future Investment Initiative

    09/18 - USA - Joined UAE delegation to SF Bay 

    06/18 - France - Honored guest, Time of Wonders

    06/18 - Monaco - Panelist, Ritossa Summit

    02/18 - UAE - World Government Summit


    In world cities being reshaped by their youth, a new model of collaborative business conduit is emerging... Reliably resilient or pivotably disruptive per circumstances, oriented for a hyper-changing socioeconomy, and relevant to our post-millennial generation "Z" in the next decade’s financial and operational landscape. ⚫ HELLO, AFAQ.


    AFAQ White Paper for investors staking outbound managed capital:

    ۞ For Business Operators directing FDI into MENA. please see this section to study Trade Vehicles information

  • stewarding PERSONS

    We rotate a roster of secunded apprentices ( Contact Weaver ♡ Research Maven ♢ Quant Sleuth ♧ Legal Maverick ♤ Applied Futurist-in-Residence 🃏) to develop generational talent.

    Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Al Sheikh Mejrin



    Ex- UAE Armed Forces

    Sheikh Hasher Bin Ahmed Bin Juma



    Ex- Dubai Police

    Sheikha Latifa Mohammed Bin Mejrin


    Partner | Chair ♖ |
    Managing Principal

    Mr. Habib H. AL-ASSAAD

    Board Non-Exec.

    IMPACT HUB Maker

    ORYXSIS 1 Bank

    ORACLE, GM, Motorola


    Mrs. Ayesha A. SAYED

    Board Non-Exec.

    Gates Fellow to TED

    Sacred Economics

    World Future Studies

    Web of Change

    Ms. Tayyaba SHAH

    Custodian of Desques



    In an alien locale, no one other than you should handle your money... nor promote your own product, fund, or service;

    you alone control your interests.

    Many who rushed too soon with the wrong partner or the wrong approach to start with, learned the hard way that there is no low-cost shortcut to acting directly, which itself is challenging for an outsider, and sometimes even impossible for concepts that are too many steps ahead. The answer is having a silent partner behind you — with wide vision but deep roots — safely leaving all conduct to you while also freed from existential distractions. AFAQ CONFERS:


    For screened partners approved by our authorities, AFAQ arrays reputed personages to propel incorporation, VIP banking setup, and fulfillment of regulatory transactions, while up-leveling launch event profiles through inaugurations, enabling faster penetration of MEA or the world from the UAE


    While AFAQ refrains from sales & marketing, its existing in-house vehicles or new ones it establishes with partners may operationally lend indirect tactical support. We pair their infrastructure with the objectives of each partner for more resilient sustained growth. See further below for in-depth look


    Nuanced understanding of official protocol, local social context, and business practices, given our diverse, seasoned managerial and entrepreneurial experience in key innovation-heavy industries in the region. Our combined 19 years in 66 countries is proven, hence the credibility and reliability of our counsel.


    Springboard to AFAQ's expansive 50,000-strong combined network of rich worldwide interconnections (many who are visionaries behind emerging shifts soon to shape the future)… to meet other partners overseas, independently validate assumptions to aid analysis, and avert investment pitfalls elsewhere

  • …multipurpose grouped instruments

    While we forge new entities, this existing quartet of reusable “GPV’s" allows a total re-think of structural orienting for finance & trade

    LMM General Trading + Medical-Grade Storage


    ONSHORE TRADE ENABLEMENT: Given 2/3 (70%) of Earth's population lives within a 6-hour flight of Dubai, LMM™ has basic staff, requisite office, inventory systems, logistical capabilities, and rare licenses (such as for restricted items) to rapidly import / [re]export any consumer item or B2B device under the sun. As the world's first DAAS (distribution-agent-as-a-service), LMM allows those that want control of their entire supply chain in the UAE market as their base for pan-regional trade to deal directly with resellers or end customers, reducing intermediary risk exposure and improving the buyer relationship experience. It slashes demo-unit/samples entry time for marketing or pre-testing, and can file SKU registrations and permits with authorities, protecting IP from 3rd-party risk. With LMM as a local/regional/global ‘agent on-demand' in an ideally situated seaport location between East and West, producers are realizing the benefits of their own subsidiary sans the headache of wholesaler management nor upfront build-out costs for permissible warehousing. N.B.: AFAQ handles Halal products only.

    AFAQ Group for General Investment


    FINANCIAL SERVICE ACTIVATION: Legitimate* cross-border investors into funds or direct targets often get delayed by unresponsive low-priority bank account attention or temporary bureaucratic lapses, even between two non-embargoed/friendly nations, derailing their timely opportunity to advantage a move. Through the UAE’s sophisticated banking system and its priority entitlements, AFAQ® intermediates bona-fide equity-stakes, whether towards tangible or intangible estates - real property or virtual instruments, and monetary or cryptographic currency, within the purview of or exempt from UAE Central Bank / Securities and Commodities Authority rigeur. Likewise — through AFAQ — foreign private banks and financial service providers, asset managers, and VC/PE firms seeking to compliantly commence business-development activity in the region can accelerate their ability to legally put a low-cost card-carrier on the ground embedded with AFAQ, ahead of large-scale outlay, all the way up to the establishment of a new or branch full-service consumer bank. *Fund sources must pass AFAQ security screening and undergo KYC/AML diligence processes of correspondent and/or central banks. N.B.: AFAQ encourages Shari'a-friendly capital flows (we charitably offset hedging, leveraged debt, and prohibited verticals).

    Teknix Technical Services


    CONTRACTED BIDS: We place in your hands the ability to realize your own technical visions within the GCC, Arab, and Islamic worlds, hands-on. Teknix℠, our project/maintenance contracting arm, is extended for partner-held companies' various desired works in these spheres, be they in the physical realm (infrastructural works, industrial manufacturing, commercial/residential facility construction) or IT/creative implementation, via various approaches (private or PPP, concessionary, DBO, BoT, or otherwise) —or— to ramp up local engineering/ manufacturing/ coding/ design talent for pre-entry localization. It can prime RFP’s/tenders where a local firm is mandatory (e.g. government customers), or source labor from the UAE’s skilled pool and more affordable capitals like Cairo, Beirut, Amman and further Southeast Asia. With Teknix, qualified brands can bypass dependence on JV's and remotely lead their own consulting/support as if a local player. For worthy work by the vetted, Teknix is able to obtain all kinds of clearances, including to the most sensitive MENA secure-zone sites (n.b.: AFAQ entertains Defense solutions only if non-lethal).

    Irtiqa for Human Development


    SOCIETAL MARKETING: New innovations need new ways of feeling to be accepted and used. Irtiqa℠ is a mechanism for cognitive re-adaptation. It seeds demand through immersed learning, readying populations to be readier for embracing next waves, ensuring return on investment. How do we go from "selling at the bottom of the pyramid" to “experiencing from the core of our circle to the peripheries”, creating cultural platforms? When idle, Irtiqa runs experiments to elevate aspiration, such as transformative journeys that recenter trendstarters from a tuition-to-intuition focus. Concepts in services like academia, coaching, event-themes, or content-generation can be Irtiqa-pilot-tested or ported, prior to scaling via train-the-trainer curricula or the media... all the way through to establishing a university or summit. It is one more tool in our belt for long-term investment returns, closing the “consumer is the maker" value loop. Our condition is that the syllabus/ content/ program underscores moral virtues and bolsters - not undermines - prosperity for our denizens.

  • COMMUNITECH moves us most

    While not limited to technology, and we play in all traditional sectors, our primary motivation is propagating private enterprise, academic R&D, communally-grown ingenuity, and corporate innovation which locally transfigures traditional mindsets and dated infrastructures that are losing relevance in a highly meshed world of 7.7B people. AFAQ favours the reliable monetisation of applied social sciences… established models for the well-being of our populations, nations, and planet. We especially enjoy collaborating with game-changers in the following categories.

    ⚚ Civil Potential 2.0

    Banking Forms/Value Tokens, Athletics, Communal Spaces, Un-Learning & Re-Schooling

    ☖ Civic Services 2.0

    Digital Government, On-Grid Utilities, Affordable Habitats, Connected Home, De-Waste

    ☉ Resource Security

    Portable Energy, 4D Printing, Water & Food Generation, Fuel Efficiency, Fire & Safety, Metal

    ⚕ Peak Health

    Smart Drugs, Bio-Pharma, Devices, Soft Nano-bots, No-Trace Consumables

    ➲ Sentient Mobility

    Aerial & Autonomous Logic, Mass/Personalised Transit, Robotic-Aided Telepresence

    ⚄ Systemic Information

    Ware Revolutions, Transparent Immersion, Perceptually Intelligent Machines

  • perceiving AFAQ + YOU

    With the remit of not letting any globally-impactful commerce fail or be deterred by risk under the UAE's name, we are mandated to extend unlimited, unbiased advice/counsel on structural orientation for international investment or trade, pro-bono... with no expectation. We review and caretake all messages in confidence.

  • other ways to REACH US

    We conduct relations electronically and from various estates of our principals within and outside the UAE in informal contexts. Should you wish to deliver a parcel, you may correspond with staff at the ‘LMM’ office.

    Location: 5th Floor, Sheikh Suhail bin Maktoum bin Juma Building (City Avenue), Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. Type ‘LMM Offices’ in Maps for a pin.

    Switchboard: +9714-235 3000 . Use of the form above is preferred for all non-urgent contact.. We do not entertain employment or sales solicitations.


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